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Code App is a MIT-licensed desktop-class code editor for iPadOS with built-in Node.js, Python, C, C++, PHP and Java runtime.

We built it because there is nothing else on the App Store provides all these features in one app:

  • A robust, high-performance text editor (Monaco Editor from Visual Studio Code)

  • First class local file system support

  • Extensive local language support

  • SSH / FTP remote connection support (Files and terminal)

  • Embedded emulated terminal

  • Git Version Control

  • Package manager support (pip and npm)

  • Markdown, themes, server-side snippet execution and more

While we want to make the editing experience as close as a desktop offers, Code App is still bounded by iOS's limitations. For example, you cannot download arbitary commands or modules with native components. Spawning subprocesses is also not possible.

Getting Started


You can either install the app from App Store or TestFlight.

Or if you'd like to get your hands dirty (Requires a Mac with Xcode installed) :

Jump right in

Follow these guides to get started on the basics:

pageGetting familiarpageYour first program in PythonpageCreating a Node.js projectpageVersion ControlpageConnecting to a remote server (SSH/FTP)

Other Resources

pageBuilding Code from sourcepageFrequently Asked QuestionspageSupported Languages

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