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Code App is a MIT-licensed desktop-class code editor for iPadOS with built-in Node.js, Python, C, C++, PHP runtime.
We built it because there is nothing else on the App Store provides all these features in one app:
  • A robust, high-performance text editor (Monaco Editor from Visual Studio Code)
  • First class local file system support
  • Embedded emulated terminal
  • Local backend development environment (Node and PHP)
  • Local Python Runtime
  • Local Clang compiler
  • Git Version Control
  • Package manager support (pip and npm)
  • SSH / FTP remote connection support (Files and terminal)
Good to know: While we want to make the editing experience as close as a desktop offers, Code App is still bounded by iOS's limitations. For example, you cannot download arbitary commands or modules with native components. Spawning subprocesses is also not possible.
Compiling a C++ file with Clang

Getting Started


You can either install the app from App Store or TestFlight.
‎Code App
App Store
Link to App Store ($5.99)
Join the Code App beta
Link to TestFlight (Free)
Or if you'd like to get your hands dirty (Requires a Mac with Xcode installed) :

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Follow these guides to get started on the basics: