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Version Control

Use the built-in support for Git to manage your code.

Set up your identities

Git uses your username and email address identify the author of every commit. Before making a commit, you'll need to set up your identity.
To proceed, go Settings > Version Control > Identity.

Set up your credentials

If you are cloning a private repository or pushing changes to a repo, you need to set up credentials. To start, enter your credentials at Settings > Version Control > Authentication.
In many cases, you'll need to use a personal access token instead of using the regular password. To know more about this:
Creating a personal access token - GitHub Docs
GitHub Docs
Creating a personal access token on GitHub
Personal access tokens | GitLab
Creating a personal access tokeno on GitLab

Cloning a repository

To clone a repository, select version control on the side bar. Either enter the repository's url or search a repo on GitHub by typing the keywords into the search field.
Currently, only HTTPS urls are supported.

Commiting files

Newly added / modified files need to be added to the staging area before you can make a commit. To do it. press the plus icon next to the file name.
Adding a file to staging area
You can now enter a commit message in the textfield and press the check button. You can also use the command+enter shortcut.

Pushing to remote

You can now push you changes to your remote like GitHub.
Pushing changes to remote

Switching branches

To switch between branches, hold the branch icon located in the bottom left corner and select a branch.
Checkout to a branch